The 1954 John Deere "40" Utility Tractor

The 40 was the smallest of the “numbered” two-cylinder tractor series and featured several variations. Paul’s 40 is a “U”. Other styles included tricycle, crawler, and Hi-crop. This tractor, built in John Deere Dubuque Works, Iowa, an upright two-cylinder 24 HP engine and features the first 3-point hitch It was acquired in trade by Gilsinger Implement in 1954 from a Leiter Ford customer, Jack Croy.

This tractor was the first one in the P. J. Gilsinger collection required in 1974. It attended the first Two-cylinder Expo in 1987, at Waterloo, Iowa, and was pictured in magazines and on playing cards. The 40 was also used as a model for a toy designed by Dave Nolt of Pennsylvania.

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